Paper's abstract

Christophe Jamin, Rereading Labbé and his Readers
The greatest case commentator of the 19th century, Joseph-Emile Labbé, is perceived today as an author intermediary between a dogmatic School devoted to the exegesis of the French civil code and the modern scientific School, more concerned with the study of case law. Such a conception, born from several thesis maintained at the turn of the century and popularised by Bonnecase, does not stand the analysis of Labbé's works that can be compared to those of most of his contemporaries. The new face revealed to the commentator could then help to renew our perception of the 19th century doctrine, made of several competing doctrinal currents and not of successive periods.

Key Words : Labbé, case
t. 37, 1992 : p. 247-267