Paper's abstract

Thierry Revet, Money and the Individual
Money and the individual although different if not opposite have always have an intimate relationship. And this relationship is even getting stronger. Money helps to liberate the individual, it can also help to maintain its dignity. But on the other hand, money is impinging on an ever growing number of elements and aspects related to the individual: its work (from the beginning), its private life (since this notion has been invented), up to its name, its hair and other marketable products. This intimacy is thus a threat to the individual. it is infringing on the essence of the " extra-patrimonial " in the right of individual identity, while the " extra-patrimoniality " is consubstantial to the individual conceived as the antithesis of material objects. Therefore, the threat could aim at the very unity of the person. Under the objectification undertaken by money, there is a risk for the individual to be split into two entities: an abstract and disembodied volition and an aggregate of things, more or less legally negotiable.

Key Words : money, individual
t. 42, 1998 : p. 43-54