Paper's abstract

Claude Tresmontant, About some Philosophical and Theological Misunderstandings
I. - Today, the word religion means almost anything, as long as it is related to irrational, pre-logic, neurotic or psychotic thoughts. When the Hebrew monotheism is thumped together with it, it is a way to dishonour it. II. - The existence of a transcendent, unique and creative God is not a point of belief or faith, in the current meaning of the word. It is a question of intelligence and knowing by reason. III. - In an unfinished creation, some objective norms are required. These norms are not arbitrary, they do not come from outside by the whim of legislators. They are not a priori. They are not repressive. They can be distinguished in the objective experience. They are based on being.

Key Words : religion, monotheism
t. 38, 1993 : p. 141-146