Paper's abstract

Jean Clam, Money and Circulation. A contribution to a structural analysis of the monetary medium
The article shows the necessity of analytical descriptions of money as an object of an implicate structure. It contends the legitimacy of globalizing approaches practised by critical theories of money which lack of this analytical scope. The analysis of the medium-structure allows for an understanding of the fact that the operational complexity of the medium always outreaches the capacity of complexity control of the agent who brought the medium into being. Opposing an ontology of the medium (as inter-esse) to the ontology of the thing (as esse), it sheds light on monetary circulation and its structural moments. The article sketches, at last, the limits set to the circulatory dynamic of money through a "symbiotic time" that cannot be eluded by any social process.

Key Words : circulation, money, structuralism
t. 42, 1998 : p. 153-174