Paper's abstract

Horst Folkers, Evil contained and arranged freedom in the juridical thoughts of Luther, Hegel and Schelling
I. - Introduction. II. - Law and Charity in Luther's writing on authority. - A. The initial thesis of Luther. - B. Structure and content of the first part of the writing on authorities. - C. The main piece of the treaty and the mirror of the prince to be used by the Christian prince. III. - The consequences of Luther's juridical thought on modern State. -A. Luther's position concerning civil law. - B. Luther's juridical utopia. - C. Luther and the modern concept of the situation of man in society. IV. - How Schelling and Hegel received the Lutherian doctrine into their legal thoughts. - A. The Hegelian criticism of morality and the relationship he establishes between State and society, under the light of Luther's treaty on authority. - B. Schelling's lutherianism in his last doctrine on State.

Key Words : religion, Luther, Hegel, Schelling
t. 38, 1993 : p. 93-110