Summary of 2007 'issue

Judge Made Law

Guy Canivet, Judicial Activism and Interpretative Caution, Foreword, 7-29

Pierre Avril, Is the Institutional Case law of the French Conseil Constitutionnel Making Law ?, 33-39

Bertrand Mathieu, When Determining the General Interest, Which Part belongs to the Judge and which to the Lawmaker?, 41-48

Pascale Deumier, Law Creation and Drafting of Rulings by the French Cour de CassationLes arrêts de la Cour de cassation sont traditionnellement marqués par leur concision. Souvent justifiée par la fonction de cassation, cette rédaction pourra, 49-75

Xavier Lagarde, Short Reflections on the turnaround for the future, 77-88

Catherine Puigelier, Time and Judge-Made Law, 89-147

Judge made Law

Claude Brenner, About the Creative Role of Case Law in Inheritance Law, 149-162

Judge Made Law

Bernard Teyssié, Case law and Labour Law, 163-178

Jeanne Tillhet-Pretnar, Case Law and Social Security Law, 179-188

Christophe Willmann, A Judicial Contribution to the Debate on Memory, 189-212

Sophie Schiller, The Extension of the Role Played by Case Law in Business Law, 213-228

Christophe Mardière, de la, The Creative Power of the Tax Judge, 229-236

Jean Foyer, The Case Law of the European Court for Human Rights, 239-244

Cyril Nourissat, Cases before the Court of Justice of the European Communities. A Civil Look out of topicality, 245-260

Jacques Foyer, Case Law in International Private Law Between Creation and Adaptation of the Legal Rule, 261-276

Elisabeth Zoller, The United States Supreme Court Between Making and Damaging Law, 277-288

Geneviève Bastid Burdeau, The law-making power of international case law to the test of the dispersion of courts, 305-313


Wagdi Sabéte, About the Complexity of Determining Founding Values of Law to the Difficulty of Factual Judgement, 371-392

Michel Villey

Francis Jacques, Villey and icons, 315-330

Paul Moreau, Thinking Family Law with Michel Villey, 331-342

Simone Goyard-Fabre, Did you say critical ? Anti-criticism and post-critical intuition, 343-3562

René Sève, Michel Villey and Contemporary Developments in Law, 357-369

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