Summary of 1992 'issue

Law and economy

Bruno Oppetit, Law and Economy, 17-26

Gérard Farjat, The notion of Economical Law, 27-62

René Sève, Law and Economy: Four Paradigms, 63-68

Catherine Larrère, Natural Law and Physiocraty, 69-88

Didier Deleule, From Liberal Individualism to Sociology: A Paradoxical Mediator, 89-99

Jean-François Niort, Law, Economy and Liberalism in the Spirit of the Napoleon Code, 101-119

Frédéric Zenati, Law and Economy after Marx, 121-129

Pier Paolo Ottonello, Political Law and Economy in Sciacca's Philosophy, 131-141

Alain Strowel, Utilitarianism and Economic Approach in the Theory of Law, 143-171

Richard Janda, State of the Thoughts on the Economic Analysis of Law, using two recent American works, 173-178

Jean-Robert Massimi, Is Business Ethical or is Ethic a Commercial Value?, 179-182

Olivier Godard, Economy, Ecology and the Nature of Things, 183-203

Luc J. Wintgens, Possibilities and Limits of the Liberal Language, 205-226


Christian Debuyst, Reason, Communication and Delinquency. The notion of "reasonable man" and its complexity in Condillac, 229-246

Christophe Jamin, Rereading Labbé and his Readers, 247-267

Klaus Günther, Universalist Justification and Application of the Norm in Law and Moral, 269-302

Hervé Pourtois, Social Theory and Legal Judgement. About J. Habermas and Kl. Günther, 303-312

Jacques Bidet, For a Metastructural Reinterpretation of Contractualism, 313-330

Francesco Viola, Hermeneutics and Law, 331-347

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