Summary of 2010 'issue

Criminal law

Julien Cantegreil, Introduction. Criminal law, 1-10

Philippe Audegean, Birth and signification of Dei delitti e delle pene bu Beccaria, 11-24

Jean-Louis Halpérin, The originality of criminal doctrine in France since the Napoleonic codification, 26-36

Bernard Harcourt, Neoliberal penalty: Exceptionalism, autonomy and pluridisciplinarity in criminal law, 38-57

Paul W. Kahn, Criminals, Enemies and the Imagination of Violence, 58-85

Bruno & Julien Cotte & Seroussi, The appearance of truth in criminal international law, 86-95

Mireille Delmas-Marty, Chances and risks of a criminal international justice, 96-117

David Chilstein, Universal jurisdiction and international criminal justice, 118-129

Geneviève Giudicelli-Delage, The troubled waters of criminal law in the European Union, 130-145

Pierre Delvolvé, Criminal law and administrative law, 146-163

Frédéric Gros, Criminal justice and claim of the victim: last meaning of the sentence, 164-170

Jacques-Henri Robert, Recidivists, 172-181

Philippe Conte, The decriminalization of business law, 182-191

Jean-Marie Delarue, Meaning and scope of the controll of places of liberty's deprivation, 192-198

Jean Danet, Competition of criminal proceedings, 200-211

Jon Elster, Publicity and secrecy in jury proceedings, 212-239

Julien Cantegreil, Dicey revisited. About the responsibility of lawyers when suspending criminal law. Some remarks on the decision about jurisdiction in Padilla v. Yoo, 240-271


Pierre Tercier, Arbitration and Business, 390-403

Bioethics in debate

Bernard Reber, Introduction. Analysis of the French Bioethics Conventions, 274-285

Philippe Descamps, Study of the final Report by A. Graf considering the recommendations of citizens, 286-293

Florence Quinche, Virtual consultation of citizens: predictive medicine. How a technical device acts upon the form of the arguments, 294-309

Anna Zielinska, About the role of expertise in the social debate, 310-319

Laurence & Catherine Brunet & Dekeuwer, Taking stock on the trainees' point of view, 320-331

Bernard Reber, Bioethics in enlarged conferences. What quality for the assesment?, 332-365

Caroline & Emmanuel Guibet Lafaye & Picavet, Values and working out of compromises after the experience of the Bioethics Convention, 366-381

, Final Report of the Convention on Bioethics. Annex 6, 383-388


Jean Picq, Thoughts about "the history and law of the States": How can one think the State otherwise?, 404-419

Martin Rogoff, Theory of Law and History of Law in the USA: A Conciliation, 420-441

Wanda Mastor, Relationships between law and ethics in Ronald Dworkin's work. The strenght of Hercules and Achilles' heel, 442-465

Sandrine Pina, A glimpse into the general theory of administrative law of Adolf Merkl, 466-477

Alain Sériaux, Decision making. Semantics of the act of judging, 478-493

Jean-Marc Roy, René Girard: Violence and Power, 494-510

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