Summary of 2017 'issue

Toward new Humanities?

René Sève, Transhumanism. A useful utopia, I-VII

Gilbert Hottois, Transhumanism and Posthumanism: an Attempt at Clarification, XXVII-XXXIV

Michel Morange, The Power of Genes: a Historical and Epistemological Analysis , 3-15

Hervé Chneiweiss, Call for an international group of genome experts, IGGE, equivalent to the IPCC, 17-30

Thomas Bouvet Emmanuel Baud, Patentability of Genes at the international and national level? , 31-37

Catherine Bourgain, Is it Enough to Treat Genes? , 39-52

Claudine Junien, Plea for prevention, 53-65

Alexandre André, Towards Compulsory Measures to Prevent Future Risks and their Social Cost , 67-74

Françoise D. Roure, Nanosciences and Converging Technologies , 75-84

Jean-Michel Besnier, Replace and Dope Organs, 85-87

Nathanaël Jarrassé, Artificial Limbs and Organs: the Myth of the Creation of Supermen, 89-97

Valérie Lasserre, What are the risks and legal responsibilities linked to the artificialization of the human body?, 99-123

Pierre-Grégoire Marly, Transformations of insurance through robotisation, 125-130

Nathalie Nevejans, How to protect Human Being against Robots?, 131-163

Puigmal Léa Bensoussan Alain, Robots Law. What is the Autonomy of Decision of a Machine? Which Protection does it Deserve?, 165-174

Florence Burgat, The Person, a Flexible Legal Category that could Accommodate Animals, 175-191

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, From Digital Humanities till Technological Singularity. What Remains of Humanism?, 193-204

Denis Forest, Mind Uploading: More than a Thought Experiment?, 205-213

Isabelle Falque-Perrotin, Human Being Algorithmed, Surpassing or Loosing Oneself? , 215-220

Melissa A. Maalouf, This Is Not Child’s Play The Regulation of Connected Toys in the EU and U.S, 221-236

Philippe Baumard, Digital Compromising, a New Principial Incrimination?, 237-248

Gilles Saint-Paul, Robots: Toward the End of Work?, 249-261

Miroslav Radman, Can one Reasonably Hope for Immortality?, 263-271

Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Live an Eternal Life, Yes. But How?, 273-275

Lorraine Boris, Buddhism and transhumanism, 277-289

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