Summary of 2015 'issue

Public Order

René Sève, The measure of public Order, VII-XXII

Yves Gaudemet, Public Order. Introduction, 3-4

Bernard Stirn, Public Order and Civil Liberties, 5-15

Francis Lamy, Producing Public Security, 17-34

Bernadette Malgorn, Public Order and Territorial Powers, 35-46

Luc Derepas, Public Order and Migrations, 47-57

Olivier Renaudie, Public Order in Paris, 59-69

Sylvie Hubac, Cultural Public Order, 71-83

Jean-Philippe Vachia, Financial Public Order, 85-104

Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, The Various Natures of Economic Public Order, 105-128

Dirk Baugard, Social Public Order, 129-152

Antoine Durrleman, Public Order and Solidarity, 153-156

Dominic & Olivier Richardson & Thévenon, Integrating Social Services for Vulnerable Groups: Law and Order at Stakes, 157-179

Michel Bouvier, Reforming a Legal Order with Georges Gurvitch, 181-188

François Terré, Public Order between Centuries, 189-198

Guillaume Drago, Public Order and the French Constitution, 199-214

Marie-Caroline Vincent-Legoux, Public Order and Contract. A Study of internal comparative Law, 215-241

Marie-Caroline Vincent-Legoux, Public Order and Contract. A Study of internal comparative Law, 215-241

Aurélien Antoine, Rule of Law and Public Order in the United Kingdom, 243-265

Toni Marzal, Legal Cosmology of the European Court of Justice illuminated by international private Law, 267-279

Jean-Yves Latournerie, Pubic Order and Cyberspace, 281-283

Pierre Bellanger, Digital sovereignty and public order, 285-296

Philippe & Nadim Baumard & Kobeissi, Algorithm and Public Order, 297-316

Bettina Laville, Ecological Public Order. From neighborhood disturbances till the adventure of anthropocene, 317-336

Miscellaneous Studies

Simone Goyard-Fabre, Deadly Rips in the State Fabric , 339-354

Marie Goupy, The Theory of the State of Exception by Carl Schmitt: Reaction and Solution to liberal Political Order., 355-371

Sandrine Pina, The Circulation of Hans Kelsen's Works in France, 373-392

Gaelle Demelemestre, The reception of the French Interpretation of the Theories of Natural Law in the Anglo-Saxon World, 393-428

Edwige Rude-Antoine, The Dog, domestic Animal, Pet, dangerous Animal. Legal status, Protection, Offence, Responsibility, 429-459

Reading Note

Jacques Dagory, Love and Law, 461-467

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