Summary of 2020 'issue

Precautionary Principle

René Sève, Avertissement au lecteur VII-XII

Géraud Guibert, Precautionary principle:finally figuring it clearly, 3-9

Guillaume Sainteny, Does the Precautionary Principle Deserve So Much Defiance?, 11-30

Johanna Etner, Understanding Better Behaviors in a Situation of Uncertainty: The Contribution Of Decision Models , 31-45

Philippe Baumard, The Requiem of Abscons: Perverse Effects of an Extreme Use of the Precautionary Principle , 47-70

Emmanuel Keita, Precaution, prevention, risk, chance: building a healthy Trust, 71-81

Sophie Gambardella, The Precautionary Approach Within International Organizations: A Coherent International Governance For Health And Environmental Risk Management?, 71-97

Sabrina Robert-Cuendet, Precautionary Approaches In International Free Trade Agreements, 99-115

Lilian Richieri Hanania, Cultural Diversity and Precaution, 117-130

Sarah Cassella, The Dynamics of Precaution in the Fight against Climate Change, 131-150

Catherine Loetscher, SEQE - EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEMES, 151-164

Jérôme Creel, The Case of the Euro Zone. The Precautionary Principle, Palliative to the Lack of Prevention? , 165-179

Michèle Grégoire, The Precautionary Principle in Banking and Financial Matters, 181-187

Nicolas de Sadeleer, How The Eu Court Of Justice Is Taking Into Account Uncertainty With The Precautionary Principle, 189-213

Bettina Laville, How the EU Court of Justice Is Taking Into Account Uncertainty with the Precautionary Principle , 215-224

Gilles de Margerie, State and Time: Precaution, Prospective and Planification, 225-238

Corinne & Madeleine Babès Lepage, Geography Of Precaution And Its Local And National Applications, 239-254

Aline Vignon-Barrault, Judges, Precautionary Principle and Relay Antennas, 255-269

Valérie Lasserre, The Effects Of The Principle Of Sustainable Development On Business, 271-287

Thibault Douville, The rise of Cyber-Hazards, 289-298

Marie-Julie Loyer-Lemercier, Emerging Risks of new Mobilities: the Autonomous Car, 299-307

Pierre-Etienne Bouillot, Precautionary Approaches in the Food Sector , 309-321

Sylvie Caudal, Impacts of the Constitutionalization of the Precautionary Principle in Urban Planning Law, 323-340

Sophie Hocquet-Berg, Precaution In Drug And Vaccine Innovation, 323-340

Jean de Kervadoué, The Useless Cost Of The Precautionary Principle. The Example Of Covid-19, 349-363

Emmanuel Dreyer, Covid 19, Criminal Law and Precautionary Principle, 365-372

Jean-Philippe & Omar Melchior & Zanna, The Precautionary Principle To Fight Against Radicalization In The Carceral Environment: A Risky Measure!, 373-383

François Collart Dutilleul, Precaution Between Stake and Principle, 385-397

Bernard Reber, Precautions and Democratic Innovations, 399-425

Dominique Rousseau, Conceptualizing the Normative Competence of Citizens, 427-438

Camille Morio, What Model of Participation in the Projects of Institutional Reform, 439-462

Eric Buge, In Search Of Micromégas’ Diamond. A Few Thoughts About The French Grand Débat National And Convention Citoyenne Pour Le Climat, 463-483

Dimitri Courant, Deliberative Mini-Publics To Save The Climate? Empirical Analyses Of The Irish Citizens' Assembly And Of The French Citizens' Convention, 485-507

Agathe Van Lang, The Convention citoyenne pour le climat from the Perspective of Environmental Law: A Unique Participatory Mechanism Being Institu¬tionalized, 509-525

Marietta Karamanli, The Precautionary Principle, 527-530

Stéphane Gouhier, Precautions And Limits: The Temptation Of The Local Point of View, 531-534

Miscellaneous studies

Morgane Tirel, The New Social Interest, A Change in Normative Model , 537-564

Yves Poullet, Freedom and Neurosciences. , 565-572

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